Appointment of Essjay Consultant
Posted On : 1st April 2013

Cir : 081/F:89

Date : 18 MARCH 2013




Dear Sir / Madam,

ICC members often require to represent various issues with various Ministries at the Government of India. These issues can be of individual member, or issues of common interest of the group of producers or Associations. It may be necessary to have experienced consultant at New Delhi who is qualified to take up such issues and follow up thereafter with various Ministries and related offices at New Delhi.

ICC has engaged Ess Jay Consultants whose services will be available for representing members / group of members of ICC at reasonable rates.

Broadly, Government related assignments can be categorized as follows:

  • Representation for an issue of a single company / industry
  • Representation made by group of members / association of several producers
  • Representation being made by ICC on behalf of the Indian Chemical industry as a whole.

Briefly, engagement will be expected on following guidelines:

  • Ess Jay Consultants are based in Gurgaon; proximity to the Ministries in New Delhi facilitates follow up through personal meetings with latitude for change in timing or deferment of scheduled meetings.
  • Any issue which needs to be addressed by the Government (of the type a, b, c above) will be begun with a written brief from the stakeholder/s. This will be assessed with the concerned Ministry officials and a broad feedback given.
  • The assessment will be based on the likely interpretation of current policies and rules in force.
  • Based on this preliminary assessment, they will send a quotation covering the fee for the assignment. This fee will be the best/lowest offer they can give considering it is for ICC members; it will factor in the degree of difficulty and extent of follow up that will be required.
  • If the proposal is approved by the Industry Association/ Company/ ICC, they will need a 25% advance to commence and undertake the work. This is not refundable.
  • Their work generally commences with drafting the representation covering all aspects of the issue to be placed before the GoI in close coordination with the relevant Association/industry member; they will proceed only after written approval by the stakeholder/s for submission. As the issue is processed by the relevant Ministry/Ministries they may request the presence of industry members whenever it is deemed helpful or essential.
  • The balance of the fee is payable on the agreed terms/extent of completion of the assignment.
  • Both the advance and the final fee will be payable to the consultant directly with service tax and after deduction of TDS.
  • They will not be taking up issues which conflict with assignments already undertaken - this stipulation will not apply to assignments dealing with the Finance Ministry which deals with tariff and non tariff issues.
  • They will deal only with the bureaucracy of various Ministries. They have no experience in working with the political levels.
  • Members are requested to inform ICC when they appoint Ess Jay Consultants for these services.

Members may take advantages of these initiatives for representing their issues to the Government of India through Ess Jay Consultants. The contact details of Ess Jay Consultants are as follows:

Mr. W. J. Samuel
Ess Jay Consultant
H367, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon 122017
Mobile: 098109 85577

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Director General

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