6th International Phosgene Conference & Workshop
Posted On : 29th August 2017

Tentative Schedule

Day 1 31st August 2017, Thursday
The Gateway Hotel, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
9.30 h - 10.00 h Registration
10.00 h - 10.15 h Welcome and Introduction
Mr. Ravi Kapoor, President, Indian Chemical Council
10.15 h - 10.35 h Address by Chief Guest
10.35 h - 10.50 h "Status and Updates on Indian Phosgene Council (IPC)-
Dr. Atul Khettry, Site Head-Ankleshwar, Covestro India Pvt. Ltd.
10.50 h - 11.10 h "Phosgene industry concepts / Global industry updates & Incidents-
Dr. Kurt Meurer, Covestro AG, Leverkusen, Germany
11.10 h - 11.30 h Tea/Coffee Break
11.30 h - 11.55  h "Medical emergency response & Ventilation techniques before/in ICU-
Dr. med. Wilfried Steffens, Bayer AG, Monheim, Germany
11.55 h - 12.20 h "Use, procedures and daily practice of medical dosimeter badges
 in Phosgene area of  PC plant units-
Mr. Somchai Kanjanasantisak, Covestro Group, Map Ta Phut, Thailand
12.20 h - 12.45 h "Decontamination of exposed personnel in plant units-
Mr. Artur Klinger, Dow Chemical, Germany
12.45 h - 13.10 h "PCT Systems & Technology concept in phosgene production processes-
Mr. Klaus Mertens, Covestro Germany
13.10 h - 14.10 h Lunch Break
14.10 h - 14.35 h "Wanhua-s emergency management after a phosgene gas release-
Mr. Zhou Ping, Wanhua Chemical, China
14.35 h - 15.00 h "Triphosgene safety in labs and pilot plants-
Mr. Livius Cotarca, Italy
15.00 h - 15.20 h Tea/Coffee Break
15.20 h - 15.45 h Presentation by Atul Ltd.
15.45 h - 16.10 h "First Aid for Phosgene Exposure-
Dr. Shelly Sagar, Bayer Crop Sciences Ltd.
16.10 h - 16.35 h "Technologies for Detection of Notorious Gases-
Mr. K. B. Ramachandran, Honeywell Industrial Safety
16.35 h - 16.50 h Wrap Up
Dr. Atul Khettry
16.50 h - 15.00 h Vote of Thanks
Day 2 1st September 2017, Friday
"Workshop, training and sharing for Medical Doctors-
GNFC Ltd., Bharuch
12.00 h - 15.00 h "Responsible Medical Care as part of Responsible Care®
for Phosgene inhalation patients-
Dr. Wilfried Steffens and Dr. Shelly Sagar

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