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Posted On : 12th August 2017

'Chemical News' Journal


Since 1956 ICC regularly publishes a Monthly Journal the 'CHEMICAL NEWS' (formerly Chemical Industry News). The Journal highlights the latest developments in the various sectors of the Chemical Industry and disseminates information and statistics regarding technological progress achieved in India and abroad. The journal is widely circulated amongst the 'Decision Makers' of the industry, government, research institutions, academia, etc.

'Chemical News' Journal (What's in this issue)

In This Issue

- Dr. Prakash Trivedi

From The Director General

The Indian chemical industry sectors remains a key contributors to the Indian economy. Most of the manufacturing industries depend on various inputs from the chemical industry.

- H. S. Karangle, Director General - ICC

Presentation of ICC Awards 2016

ICC Activities

  • Responsible care Familiarization workshop for GPSB officials
  • Awareness programme on CWC and SCOMET regulations

Importance of Chemical Industry in the Economic Growth

Chemical industry is very important to the economic growth and wealth of the country and world as a whole.

- S. Ganesan, Chairman - International treaties Expert Commitee, ICC

Diary of Incidents and Accidents

Here is some very positive news from Bihar, which had witnessed heavy rain and floods in August this year.

- Mr. Vipin B. Doshi, Advisor - Responsible Care, ICC

High / Continuous demand hazardous scenarios in LOPA

In defense-in-depth philosophy using multiple independent protection layers (IPL) is by far the most commonly used to analyze hazard scenarious.

  • SIS Operation Modes
  • Low demand SIS system in LOPA
  • High demand / continuous mode SIS in a LOPA
  • High demand / low demand LOPA methodology
  • PFH calculation
  • Concluding remarks
  • References

- Hui Jin, William (Bill) L. Mostia & Angela Summers

Economic Review

Project Investments In Chemical Sector

News From Members

  • Deepak Nitrite recieves Gujarat's 'Best Employer Brand Award'
  • DOW organises 'India Innovation Day' in Mumbai
  • Reliance signs agreement for the sale of its Assets in the Marcellus Shale playof north-eastern and Central Pennsylvani
  • Mr. Deepak Mehta, Honoured by FICCI
  • Tata Chemicals launches Fortified Salt Products
  • Lanxess Urethane systems will enhance research on next generation materials
  • Glenmark aiming to file up to 25 product applications annually

News National

  • Tata strategic report highlights critical issues in Indian Chemical Industry
  • MCF to set up a Phosphatic Fertiliser plant; improve energy efficiency
  • Agilent Technologies launches Revolutionary triple quadrupole mass spectrometer in India
  • GNFC's Di-Calcium Phosphate project likely to be completed by December 2018
  • ESSAR ports keen on LNG Terminal Joint Ventures
  • Antidumping duty on Ammonium nitrate imports from 4 countries

News International

  • BASF Developers first Semi-Crystalline Polyamide, Ultramid Vision
  • EVONIK opens plant-based active ingredients site in France
  • Bayer to sell selected crop science businesses to BASF
  • SABIC to showcase innovative resins for water mamagement
  • BASF opens new construction chemicals plant in Russia



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