17-18 March 2016 : 9th Annual India Chemical Industry Outlook Conference
Posted On : 14th January 2016

The Chemical Industry is faced with an uncertain oil prices. a slowing down of economic growth in China, Europe and Japan and also a geopolitically uncertain future in parts of the world.

The world has entered an era of great volatility, uncertainty and rapid changes increasing the risk that companies are exposed to and bringing about new challenges. Traditional paradigms are being broken down and clarity on newer paradigms is still to emerge. Disruptive innovations are shaking the foundations of established industries. Nothing can be taken for granted. It is in this scenario of immense challenges for the chemical industry that immense opportunities lie. It is important to now acknowledge that new approaches to doing business are the need of the hour. Where traditional collaboration no longer provides answers, reaching out to new business partners and new ways of tackling issues will lead to a better understanding of the current marketplaces and new solutions. These developments are affecting Indian Chemical Industry.

We are happy to announce the 9th edition of the Annual India Chemical Industry Outlook Conference, which will provide a forum for business leaders to exchange views and share insights to deal with the rapid pace of change and come out winners. The event, which will be attended by more than 250 senior delegates from India and overseas, bring growth and investment opportunities to the forefront. It will also establish a platform for leaders of private sector companies, public sector units, government bodies, experts and investors to interact on these opportunities.


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