Posted On : 17th November 2015

We are happy to inform that Mr. N. Sateesh Babu has joined ICC as a Director & Head - Environment, Sustainability and Regulatory Issues.

His qualifications include civil engineering, environmental engineering, research scholar in chemical engineering in IIT and environmental economics.

Mr. Sateesh Babu has more than 21 years of experience, which includes working for chemical industry for more than a decade in the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi (CPCB–1997 batch Env. Engg. topper); Associate Professor and Chairman of the Environment Area at the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad; Technical Director at US based Environmental Consultancy firm and Vice President in IL&FS Environment group.

He could work for about 60+ projects in various capacities, including the World Bank funded projects in various capacities.  Just to highlight a couple of activities, he has developed 27 technical EIA guidance Manuals for Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India and played a key role in organizing corporate responsibility for environment protection, covering 17 categories of high pollution potential industry sectors, which includes chemical industries.

He has studied more than 300 industries covering for auditing and for identifying gaps for effective environmental management.  Precisely, his experience covers development of policies, plans, programs for sustainable industrial development in India through CPCB, policy research and training & capacity building experience from ASCI; consultancy services for site assessment, remediation of contaminated sites, waste management projects; environmental advisory services for more than Rupees 60000 crores worth infrastructure projects from IL&FS are worth to mention.

I hereby invite the member industries to avail his services in ICC.  Mr. Sateesh Babu is currently with the Mumbai Office and is planned to move to Delhi over 2-3 months time.

He may be reached at
Fax: 022-22048057,
E-mail id : /

With best regards & Seasons Greetings,

Director General

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