Posted On : 27th January 2012

ICC under the auspices of Safety & Health Expert Committee and Environment & Responsible Care Expert Committee has organized a Global Workshop on "RESPONSIBLE CARE FOCUSED ON PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP AND GLOBAL PRODUCT STRATEGY (GPS)" on Thursday, 2 February 2012 jointly in association with American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Directorate. The venue of the Workshop is Terrace Hall, West End Hotel, 45 New Marine Lines, Near Bombay Hospital, Mumbai - 400 020.

In September 2011, ICC and ACC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work towards promotion of Responsible Care Concept within Indian Chemical Industry by holding various Workshop, Seminars, Group Discussions etc. on subject related to Responsible Care.

Global Product Stewardship (GPS) was launched in 2006 by International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA) to strengthen "Product Stewardship within Chemical Industry" along with their customers through the chain of commerce. Under GPS, Chemical Industry collect and share Hazard and Exposure Information on substances and to finalise Risk Assessment for Chemicals in Commerce till 2018 to support safe use from Chemicals throughout their life cycle.

GPS is therefore central part of RC Initiative being Chemical Industry's contribution to United Nation's (UN) "Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM)". GPS and SAICM are the ways to achieve Goal of "World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) 2002" by the year 2020. Thus GPS is ultimate of the Responsible Care Commitment to improve Health, Safety and Environmental Performance, to advance sustainable development as well as to communicate with all Stake Holders.

Key components of GPS include:

  • Guidelines for Product Stewardship, to share best practices within Chemical Industry.
  • Tiered process of completing Risk Characterization and Risk Management Action for Chemicals in Commerce.
  • Product Stewardship performance with special focus on directly working with downstream customers along the value chain.
  • Exploration of a potential partnership with an Inter Governmental organisation to enhance Global Product Stewardship.
  • Greater Transparency including ways to make relevant Product Stewardship information available to the public.

The workshop will showcase Product Stewardship initiative of ACC Members Companies in India (who are mostly ICC Members too) as well as Product Stewardship initiative of Indian grown Chemical Companies.


Expert from Director Responsible Care ACC and RC Professionals from large Multinational Companies e.g. BASF, DOW Chemicals, Tata Chemicals, Reliance Industries as well as renowned NGOs will participate and make presentations for the benefit of the delegates.


Responsible Care Professionals as well as Sr. Managers in HSE, Operations, Maintenance, Marketing and Commercial Department should consider attending this Workshop.


To defray the expenses, the registration fees will be Rs.3,309/- per delegate (including 10.3% Service Tax).


We request members to support the Workshop by being Gold or Silver Partner:

Gold Sponsor : Rs. 2,00,000/-
Silver Sponsor : Rs. 1,00,000/-

ICC will acknowledge the partnership support by displaying an appropriate banner at the venue of the Workshop and will also allow 3 complimentary registrations to each Gold Partner and 2 complimentary registrations to Silver Partner.

ICC requests all its members to attend this important Workshop and take advantage of the same.Please confirm registration by giving details of the participant viz: NAME/DESIGNATION, COMPANY NAME/ADDRESS, TEL/FAX Nos., EMAIL ADDRESS etc. to the Mumbai Office of ICC to reach on or before Wednesday, 1 February 2012. Kindly draw the Cheque in favour of "Indian Chemical Council", payable at Mumbai.


09.30 a.m. -
10.00 a.m.



10.00 a.m. -
10.05 a.m.

Welcome :
Mr. H. S. Karangle,
Director General, Indian Chemical Council

10.05 a.m.-
10.15 a.m.

Introductory Remarks on Global Product Strategy (GPS)
Mr. R. Parthasarathy,
President ,ICC &
Chairman, Environment & Responsible Care Expert Committee, ICC

10.15 a.m.-
10.25 a.m.

Responsible Care Status/2012 Activities

  • ICC-ACC Memorandum of Understanding
  • ICCA Observer Status
  • Expectations for Responsible Care
    • Code Self-Assessment Process
    • Adoption of Metrics
  • Introduce Responsible Care Manager
  • Discussion/Q&A

Mr. S. K. Hazra

Country Co-Ordinator RCLG &
Co-Chairman, Environment & Responsible Care Expert Committee, ICC

10.25 a.m.-
10.45 a.m.


10.45 a.m.-
11.10 a.m.

Product Stewardship - Stakeholder Expectations

Ms.Alka Talwar
NGO/Tata Corp. Social Responsibility

11.10 a.m.-
11.35 a.m.

Product Stewardship in Action

Mr. Alok Chandra
Head Corporate -EHS

11.35 a.m.-
12.00 noon

Product Stewardship in Action

Mr. Vijay Bankar
Vice President - Corporate HSE
Dorf Ketal Chemicals (I) Pvt.Ltd.

12.00 noon-
12.25 p.m.

Product Stewardship in Action

Mr. V. Nirmalgandhi
Sr. Manager - SHE & REACh

12.25 p.m.-
01.25 p.m.


01.25 p.m.-
01.50 p.m.

Product Stewardship in Action

Ms. Vaishali Dighe

01.50 p.m.-
02.15 p.m.

Introduction to Global Product Strategy + ACC Product Stewardship Update

Mr. Roczniak Daniel
Sr. Director RC
American Chemistry Council

02.15 p.m.-
02.40 p.m.

Global Product Strategy in Action

Mr. Allwyn Crasto

02.40 p.m.-
03.00 p.m.


03.00 p.m.-
03.25 p.m.

Global Product Strategy in Action

Reliance Industries Ltd.

03.25 p.m.-
04.25 p.m.

Roundtable Discussion on Enhancing RC in India - Role & Responsibilities

04.25 p.m.

Concluding Remarks


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