ICMA changes its name to ICC (Indian Chemical Council)
Posted On : 28th May 2009

Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association (ICMA) changes its name to INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL (ICC)

The Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association (ICMA), the apex national body which represent all sectors of the chemical industry in India viz. Organic Chemicals, Inorganic & Heavy Chemicals Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Plastics, Specialty & Fine Chemicals, Paints, Dyestuffs, Agrochemicals Pesticides, Fertilizers etc. renamed as Indian Chemical Council ( ICC ) with immediate effect.

Founded in 1938 by Acharya P. C. Ray and Dr. B. D. Amin along with a group of industrialists, the ICC has been representing the interest of its member-companies for more than six decades, during which time Indian chemical industry has grown to a its current size of a US$ 32 billion industry and is expected to be US$ 100 billion by 2010.

The ICC aims to make Indian chemical industry a significant global player through collaborative and sustainable technological advances. It will focus on the issues surrounding growth, the changed market scenario and will keenly promote safety related issues, international treaties coming into operation and implement the goals and guidelines in keeping with the global needs of chemical industry.

The ICC will be the first stop resource base for chemical industries to ensure their comfortable adaptability to the changing world and represent them, keeping in mind the larger interest of the society.
This it seeks to do with by training, awareness and sensitization of the following issues:

  1. a) Commitment to social responsibility through good manufacturing practices
  2. b) Innovations based on scientific research and targeted collaborative efforts
  3. c) Thrust on development giving due importance to safety, health, environment and conservation of resources.

This is aimed at earning public trust. The ICC also aims at:

  1. Focus on those issues and activities that are important to members
  2. Represent the members on various law and policy framing bodies and other forums
  3. Help chemical manufacturer's to adapt to globalization by providing a forum for Interaction
  4. Assist multinational companies in bringing Foreign Direct Investment to India

Currently ICC members are involved in practices such as Responsible Care, Safety, Health & Environment related issues, making members aware of requirements of Chemical Weapons Convention, awareness about REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, Restriction Of Chemicals), entering into Memorandum of Understanding with different International Industry Associations, assisting Government of India in representing members interest for International Treaties etc.

The Indian Chemical Council welcomes to its fold Indian and multinational chemical manufacturers affiliate associations and service providers to chemical industry. ICC is now structured to meet the aspirations of Indian chemical industry for the years to come.

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