Power of Chemistry
Posted On : 1st August 2012

Power of Chemistry

To commemorate "International Year of Chemistry 2011" and 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Madame Marie Curie, ICC has brought out, 40 seconds ad film highlighting contribution of chemical industry for improving quality of human life and also 50 minutes video film on Chemistry Career choices for school going students.

"At present, students feel that there are only two choices before them: Work as Chemical Engineers in manufacturing plants or as Chemists in laboratories. We would like to acquaint them of many aspects of Chemical Sciences including Manufacturing, Process & Product Development, Engineering & Simulations, Marketing & Sales, Intellectual Properties & Information gathering, and such others. Also, most students think of chemistry as Inorganic or Organic chemistry but they are also required to be introduced to Analytical, Physical, Agro, Food, Pharma, Polymer, Bio-chemistry. This film is aimed at educating students to provoke them to opt towards Chemistry."

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