Presentation of ICC Awards 2018
Posted On : 21st October 2019

THE WINNERS ARE ... ... ...


ICC Acharya P. C. Ray Award for
Conferred on

"....Gharda Chemicals has developed new and improved performance polymeric materials in the PEKK class and have taken these to the production scale, which proves the commercial viability. The morphological control of the granules has certain good achievement. This is a grass roots project, based on lab, pilot plant and a small semi-commercial plant of Gharda and has already undertaken larger expansion in 2019, meeting world-class production facility...."


ICC Award for Excellence in
Process Design & Engineering

Conferred on

"....Rotofilt Engineers, in 2010, a high end technology equipment was commercially launched and marketed as "Automatic Vertical Pressure Filter" and many improvements has been brought forth since. Basic design features of the equipment are: (a) horizontal Plate – ensures even distribution of slurry and wash liquid in the filter chambers; (b) PLC controlled and fully automatic – without human intervention; (c) Diaphragm squeeze up to 16 bar – leading to exceptionally dry and uniform cake; (d) Endless filter cloth – Ensures complete cake discharge; Cloth wash – during discharge, provision for front and back wash of the cloth minimizes blinding of filter cloth and ensures consistence filtration results and longer life of filter cloth; (e) Displacement washes of cake – Maximum solute recovery and purity of solids at minimal retention of liquid...."


ICC Award for Excellence in
Management of Health & Safety

(CATEGORY I : Companies having annual sales revenue above Rs. 750 crores)
Award conferred on
Dadra & Nagar Haveli

".... DorfKetal Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufactures specialty chemicals to stringent, consistent quality, health, safety, security and environmental (QHSSE) standards in every country in which it operates. DorfKetal relies upon a robust integrated management system (IMS) that conforms to the highest industry requirements, while adhering to the REACH and TSCA requirements. The integrated QHSSE management system includes research and development, manufacturing and supply chain activities for all the firm's specialty chemicals and catalysts through the complete product life cycle...."

Certificate of Merit conferred on

"....Behavior Based Safety System has been initiated & implemented by Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. to focus on human factor to increase the safe behavior of employees at work place in Roha&Mahad. The targeted safe behavior of is 95% was achieved. On the job training of the Regular and Contract employees and EHS audit are regularly done. This has ensured a safety culture in the work place...."

(CATEGORY II : Companies having annual sales revenue below Rs. 750 crores)
Awarded Conferred on:

".... National Peroxide has implemented Integrated Management System (IMS) comprising of ISO 14001 Environment Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management System and RC-14001 Responsible Care Standards. A management framework with defined structures, roles and responsibilities, group standards, audits, training along with third-party verification has further strengthened the IMS...."

Certificate of Merit to:

"....Chemfab Alkali has implemented Process Safety Management system for all 14 Elements. The company has introduced the Process safety features. All the critical areas are monitored by sensors. The facility has adequate DG sets and UPS to handle power failure. The company has committed towards health and safety of all stakeholders. Safety training is conducted with wider than average coverage for the regular and contract employees. Fitness, screening along with acrophobia test is conducted at the time of entry along with regular medical tests, for all employees who are required to work at height. CAL has well equipped occupational health center, staff and ambulance and is open 24*7...."


ICC Award for Excellence in
Management of Environment

(CATEGORY I : Companies having annual sales revenue above Rs. 750 crores)
Award conferred on:
NOCIL LIMITED, Bharuch, Gujarat

"....At NOCIL, the top management of the company is committed to reduce the Environmental foot print. In this regard reduction in the pollution load is in company priority, company is using various technics such as know the chemistry of pollutants, recover the valued chemicals by applying Liquid-Liquid extraction, adsorption to reduce the maximum COD load in aqueous effluent streams. Further to this, the company site is using various advanced technics for treating the effluent, some of them are: (a) Soil Biotechnologysystem, comprising of ozonation, followed by three stages of Soil-Biotreatment; (b) Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technology using Chlorine as oxidant for treatment of plant Aqueous streams having relatively higher COD and TDS; (c) The domestic wastewater is treated in STP plant using Soil Biotechnology system and treated water is reused for Gardening; and (c) Water distribution monitoring system is implemented. The water footprint for each plant is calculated and continuous efforts are being made to reduce water use wherever possible...."

Certificate of Merit to:

"....Tata Chemicals' Mithapur site has made its own specific Environmental Policy considering local working environment. TCL does mapping of carbon footprint and has created an abatement strategy for sustainable manufacturing. The plant has set up a target for reduction of specific CO2 emission by 20% by 2020. TCL has implemented various measures for the overall management of Environment within and around the plant. A green belt is developed by adopting drip irrigation &mycorrhiza around the perimeter, and at present, the Developed Green Belt is of 95 hectares. The Company has implemented integrated solid waste management system with in-house cement plant for utilisation of solid waste generated from soda ash plant and fly ash from captive power plant...."


Certificate of Merit to:
ONGC Petro additions Limited, Dahej, Gujarat

"....OPaL has invested about Rs. 200 Cr in developing environment infrastructure at their site comprising of state-of-the-art Effluent Treatment Plant, Ambient Air Quality monitoring stations, peripheral green belt and installation of continuous emission monitoring system. The company has installed an Effluent Collection and Treatment System (ECTS) for treating the Effluents. ECTS also include the Tertiary Treatment Unit for treating non-Process Effluent like Cooling Tower Blow down Streams along with the Treated water from Oily Effluent Treatment Section to produce Treated Water which has been used as make-up water for the Cooling Towers, Fire Water Make-up and Feed water for RO based De-Mineralization plant (Mixed Bed) within the ECTS to produce De-Mineralized Water...."

(CATEGORY II : Companies having annual sales revenue below Rs. 750 crores)
Awarded to:

".... Heavy Water Plant - Manuguru has developed and patented "Flue Gas Conditioning Technology" to reduce Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) levels below to 115 mg/Nm3. The technology is made available to Thermal Power Plants to reduce their SPM emissions too.Dry Fly Ash segregation and collection system has been set up in the plant to encourage use of fly ash for eco-friendly purposes. The fly ash generated from Captive Power Plant is used in brick manufacturing, filling low lying area and in Cement Industries.
For the first time in the world, low level effluent heat has been gainfully utilized by the plant for generating the refrigeration for process cooling. The plant has commissioned Lithium Bromide-Water Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System, Hot Water Vapor Absorption System to replace the existing Freon (a ODS) Vapour Compression Refrigeration System to comply with Montreal Protocol. HWP (M) has successfully carried out installation of an energy recovery steam turbine in the HP steam flow path to Intermediate Steam Generator. This turbine has been generating power of 3.9MW, thus saving of about 16000 MT of Coal per annum has been achieved...."

Certificate of Merit:
NATIONAL PEROXIDE LTD., Kalyan, Maharashtra

"....National Peroxide's commitment towards excellence in environment Performance is one of its core values. The company is focused on 'Zero emission' approach, which drives all employees for full commitment to effective environment management for the benefit of all stakeholders including employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the community.
National Peroxide Ltd. has commissioned Organic Waste Converter (OWC) for treatment of waste food from canteen and converting it into compost, which is used in the garden area inside the plant. This has reduced the environmental nuisance associated with disposal of canteen waste and the cost of compost bought for the garden area of plant. NPL has replaced Naphtha by Natural Gas (NG) as feed stock for hydrogen plant. Natural Gas being a clean gas and having very low sulphur, it has eliminated SO2 emissions. Manufacturing processes of the plant are DCS controlled and closely monitored online by Advance Process Control (APC) to ensure that environmental emission is under control all the time. Environment monitoring plan for the site is in place...."


ICC Award for Excellence in
Energy Conservation and Management

CATEGORY I : Companies having annual sales revenue above Rs. 750 crores

".... At RCF'sThal Unit, the Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) levels at the inception (1984-85) were 9.5 Gcal/MT of Ammonia and 7.5 Gcal/MT of Urea. Gradually, the SEC for Ammonia production improved to 8.24 Gcal/MT product in 2014-15 and further to 8.18 Gcal/MT product in 2018-19 as against the Indian fertilizer industry benchmark of 7.4 Gcal/MT for new plants. As regards Urea, the SEC improved to 5.87 Gcal/MT in 2014-15 and further to 5.66 Gcal/MT product in 2018-19, as against the Indian fertiliser industry benchmark of 5.2 Gcal/MT for new plants.
Installation of energy conservation measures included HRSGs, VFDs, and Vortex mixers and numerous other schemes. Most of them exhibited payback period in months and majority of the rest in less than 2 years. Implementation of revamp schemes resulted in the direct reduction of SEC in ammonia plants. A Road map outlined is aimed at achieving even higher levels of energy efficiency of new plants...."

Certificate of Merit:
TATA CHEMICALS LTD., Mithapur, Gujarat

"....The plants of the Tata Chemicals are largely energy integrated since salt plant and soda ash are steam intensive, and cement and caustic soda electric power intensive. This situation has helped the plant achieve steam and power balance. TCL -Mithapur have consistently reduced Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) in all the product manufacturing lines: soda ash, vacuum salt and cement. They chose to develop and follow in-house benchmarks for target setting and monitoring. Significant schemes were changing over from Double effect evaporator to triple effect and more significantly the introduction of 90-95% efficiency steam tube drier replacing a rotary kiln calciner, which used fuel oil and had an overall thermal efficiency of only 30%: a major improvement. As regards, non-conventional generation of energy, the plant installed a wind turbine and numerous solar panels. Reduction in GHG emission rates was commensurate and consistent...."

CATEGORY II : Companies having annual sales revenue below Rs. 750 crores

"....The Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) of the plant was reduced by about 40% since the inception through successful implementation of various energy conservation schemes; and an in-house criterion of 25 GJ/kg heavy water as the best efficiency was used as the benchmark/ target, which is based on industry and global performances. In an overall scenario, SEC has been reduced from original 38GJ/kg to 25.2 GJ/kg in 2016-17 and further to 22.92GJ/kg in 2018-19, better than the best efficiency criterion. In effect, power consumption has been reduced by 109 kW/kg and natural gas by 22Nm3/kg of heavy water.

The main schemes implemented were: Production of steam by using hot gas outlet from converter; Heating of cracker inlet gas by utilizing cracker outlet gas; Pre-heating of combustion air for cracker; Heating of converter inlet gas by utilizing converter outlet gas; Pre-cooling of inlet synthesis gas with the help of return synthesis gas; Operational improvements / optimization of various compressors and pumps, Optimization of refrigeration and water distribution systems; Switching over to lightest fan blades in cooling towers. This effort helped reduce power consumption by over 4 MW, and the maximum demand from 20 MVA to 15.5 MVA...."


ICC Award for Social Responsibility Energy Conservation and Management

CATEGORY II : Companies having annual sales above Rs.750 crores

"....Social responsibility initiatives of Transpek-Silox are practised under the domains such as: Health, Hygiene and Sanitation; Education; Environmental Sustainability, Rural and Community Development and Women Empowerment.
In Transpek-Silox, not only the employees but the Board of Directors, Senior Management and all stakeholders take keen interest in the development of the surrounding community. The company has adopted a distinctive and systematic approach to carry out its Social Responsibility activities and programs. The company believes in engaging all related stakeholders in planning, executing and evaluating its CSR activities. As a result of its efforts on Health, Hygiene and Sanitation, more than 7000 peoples are benefited under the program. More than 9000 has received benefits under its educational program. The community around has been benefitted due to tree plantation; and more than 15000 people get benefitted by the program initiated by the Company under Rural and Community Development. Women empowerment is in vogue and 700 women benefited by this program. The company has so far spent around Rs.1.4 Crore on the completed as well as ongoing projects...."

Certificate of Merit:

"....Some of the key objectives of ChemplastSanmar in the field of CSR are: Socio-economic development of the regions where there is operation, improving the living standards of local communities and Developing partnership and trust with local communities.
The company's social responsibility focusses on Rural Health, Woman Empowerment, promoting primary and secondary education, enabling higher education through motivated rural society, Infrastructure Development including Water security for villages, supporting Government initiatives / schemes / plans, Sustainable livelihood & social cause. Supply of potable water to the public is one of the prime activity of the company...."

CATEGORY II : Companies having annual sales revenue below Rs. 750 crores

"....Under its CSR programs, ASTEC focusses on working with landless and marginal farmers, especially women in arid, semi-arid and backward districts to enable socio-economic empowerment and reduce their vulnerability to climate change. The company has very good community development programs on water conservation, education, sanitation, health for the community and livelihood enhancement activities. Astec has developed the Integrated Rural Livelihood Program – a flagship initiative of the company which is being implemented in 9 villages namely Asanpoi, Bhirwadi, Khalij, Amshet, Bhogaon, Shel, Solomkond, Sakdi and Dahivad.
Astec is engaged with 45 farmers to set up demonstration farms on latest practices of System of Rice Cultivation. The company has also provided mobile libraries to schools for developing reading habits; sports material for holistic education across 3 villages and 5 schools...."

Certificate of Merit:

".... HIL imparts training to the farmers on Safe and Judicious use of Pesticides and Adoption of Integrated Pest Management Practices as well as use of Bio-Pesticides. HIL has been conducting these training programs in different parts of the country by associating itself with the State Agricultural Universities/ICAR Institutes/KrishiVigyanKendras. In these training prorams, farmers are trained through lectures in the local languages, answering their queries by the subject matter specialist, demonstration of dusting/spraying, safety measures to be used through audiovisual films and live in the fields etc. They are also provided safety kits, free of cost, by HIL to be used by the farmers at the time of application. HIL is thus creating awareness to farmers on the recent advances and developments in the systematic and scientific agricultural practices. The company has so far spent Rs. 2.46 crore for its various CSR activities.
HIL is the only CPSE (Central Public Sector Enterprise) serving the community / general public by virtue of supplying the agriculture inputs...."


ICC Award for Excellence in Human Resource
Management in Chemical Industry

CATEGORY I : Companies having annual sales revenue above Rs. 750 crores
(Chemicals Division), Mumbai

"....Being a part of the Godrej Industries Limited and Associated Companies, the employees benefit from the group's vision that emphasizes a "holistic employee" experience, recognizing that people who work for the company have responsibilities and goals outside of narrow work targets. Originating from this, in the last five years, the company has also articulated three core principles - Tough Love, Your Canvas and Whole Self.
Godrej is uniquely positioned because they as a Group have presence in geographies outside India too which gives its talent opportunities to take challenging roles across geographies & different business, be it FMCG, Agriculture, Chemicals, Real Estate or Housing Finance.
The Chemicals Business has improved its efficiency and effectiveness in Talent Acquisition space by automating the entire Recruitment System. Regular use of Psychometric and the Cognitive Tests have helped them in ensuring better selection efficiency. The organization has worked towards developing a robust Learning & Development Platform viz. Chem Learning Academy which plays a vital role in imparting relevant behavioral & functional training to all its employees. Trainings also play an important part of Talent Management and the Succession Planning process where the identified Hi-Potential employees and employees occupying critical roles are put through a rigorous course of learning which enables higher productivity and engagement amongst them...."

Certificate of Merit:
BAYER VAPI PVT. LTD., Vapi, Gujarat

"....The company has a very good HR Policy. "Compliance” play a very important role for sustainable business success in the company.
Bayer Vapi participated in AON Best employers Survey and has won Best Employer Award consistently for 2 years 2017 & 2018. Salary survey is done through external consultants and the salary thus structured are reviewed each year as per Hay’s Benchmarking Methodology. The company also conduct frequent medical check-up of the employees.  The company has in-house training centres such as Technical, Behavioral and Learning Zone. The company has job rotation policy which helps the employees to decide their own career. The company conduct exit interview through renowned external agency. The company also conducts Employee Satisfaction Survey. The last survey was conducted in the year 2018 wherein 99 per cent employees expressed their satisfaction for working with Bayer out of 85% engagement score...."


CATEGORY II : Companies having annual sales revenue below Rs. 750 crores :

"....Gulbrandsen has excellent HR Policy which covers all aspects of employee life cycle ranging from entitlements, perks, insurance, and performance system to exit policy. All the employees are in skilled category and there are no unskilled employees.
Proper promotion and career planning opportunities as PMSsystem is in place and competence, performance & education of all are linked. The company has participated in surveys carried out in India by outside agencies and has been awarded category of "Outstanding Workplace" and for other CSR activities. Regular training programs are conducted based on Performance Appraisal, Organizational Needs, etc...."

Certificate of Merit:

"....Tagros has a unique HR Policy called as "Open Door Policy" where employees can go and talk to anyone in the company, across all levels of management, to discuss issues or clarify doubts or convey any grievance or report any unwarranted act.
The company has a systematic and effective Job Rotation Policy. The company conducts 'employee satisfaction survey' once in a year. Exit interviews are also conducted at Tagros.The company recognizes and rewards employees with exemplary performance at work and on any exceptional contributions that leads to the growth of the company. These include Best Employee of the Year (5 Awards); Best Plant of the Year; Long Service Awards for employees with completed tenures of 10, 20, 25 years; Best PPE Wearing Person; Best Housekeeping Person; Best Contract Labour, etc. Top 25 employees based on overall best score are conferred with a Cash Award of Rs.25000/- for the year...."

ICC Aditya Birla Award for
Best Responsible Care Committed Company

Conferred on

"....Responsible Care is at the heart of BASF's business operations. BASF has complied and implemented all Six Codes of Responsible Care in all manufacturing sites.
High standards are maintained in the company during the operational life cycle of facilities with an effective management of change. The company has introduced Hazard Screening Tool for identifying the level of risk assessment required for a particular technical change based on the criticality and degree of hazard. All incidents are reported and thoroughly investigated at common database. The company has no fatality reported in last three years and Lost Time Injuries Frequency Rate is on reducing trend.BASF conducts Emergency drills in order to test the awareness of operating personnel and also assess their responsibilities. The company also insures involvements in emergency response plan external agencies like Police, Fire Brigade, DISH, etc. the company conducts journey risk management of High Consequence Dangerous Goods, defines risk reduction measures and discuss with service providers and implement the same.
BASF is a very active user of Nicer Globe platform of ICC for tracking of hazardous chemical transportation and monitors assessment of vehicle fitness by digital Nicer Globe gate checks tool...."


for Best Compliant Company for the Codes under
Responsible Care


Pollution Prevention Code:

"....ChemplastSanmar aims to reduce emission level much lower than the compliance norms for statutory level of emissions. The company has well established systems in place to monitor and calculate the pollution inventory. The Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) status of ChemplastSanmar is sustained since September 2009. The effluent generated is being treated at ZLD and permeate generated from ZLD process is reused back in the process. ZLD reject is collected and reused for bleach Liquor Preparation...."


Employee Health & Safety Code:

"....The objective of Gulbrandsen Chemicals is Safety of Employees and By Employees. The top management of the company is committed towards health & safety of employees, their well-being is in priority and safety always takes precedence over production. The company has an impeccable record on safety with no major unsafe incident in last two years. Employees of the company are involved in improving safety through various initiatives like EHS rounds, Safety and Environment Week celebrations, Safety Talk, Life Saving Rules & Kaizen mela...."


Emergency Response Code:

".... NFIL has developed Mixed Goods hazard display Label as 10th display mode for mix goods cargo transportation. The critical hazardous chemicals transportation are accompanied by specially trained emergency response team (ERT) and these vehicles are tracked through Nicer Globe. Vehicles have a facility to absorb gases in case of emergency.
NFIL conducts regular training for "Onsite Emergency Plan - Roles and Responsibility" for key personals of the organization. The company has well trained emergency response team at site round the clock and quarterly training is conducted to all ERT members on regular basis...."

APCOTEX INDUSTRIES LTD., Taloja, Maharashtra

".... Considering the hazardous nature of the raw materials, Apcotex Industries has provided the High class safety for all the storage areas and processing areas. The company has dedicated teams for firefighting and first aid during the emergency situation. For ensuring the effectiveness of the response during the emergency, AIL is regularly conducting MOCK drills for various emergency scenario.
Apcotex provides information about the chemicals and applicable antidotes to the nearby hospitals to facilitate the response for handling of the emergency. Protocol for handling of the antidote is provided to nearby hospitals in local languages and also made available in ambulance. AIL also tests Communications, logistics, and media management during this mock drill...."



For Management of Industry
Former Managing Director, NOCIL Limited

For Education & Research
Dr. B.P. Godrej Distinguished Professor, Dept of Chemical Engg., Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai


Chairman Emeritus, Aarti Industries Ltd.



".... BASF Team has been at the fore-front of implementing Nicer Globe Initiative and is one of the founder members of Nicer Globe Initiative in India. The company has mandated required standards of Telematics to all their Transporters. This has ensured maximum compliance with Tracking System and associated GPS monitoring of vehicles. Deviations caused during transit are captured using automated System Alerts for quick response. Implementation of Gate Check Tool application at multiple sites enables monitoring of vehicle compliance periodically. BASF India is actively engaged in promoting Nicer Globe to all members of Indian Chemical Council. The company also frequently conducts training for drivers on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Goods...."





1. MR. SUNIL GURAV (Working for Excel Industries Ltd)
2. MR. SANJAY CHOUDHARY (Working for BASF India Ltd)
3. MR RAMA CHOUHAN (Working for BASF India Ltd)


The Awards and Certificates of Merit were presented to the Winners at a special function being organized on Friday, 27 September 2019 at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai.Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran, President & CEO, EQUATE Petrochemical Company K.S.C.C. Kuwait, will be the Chief Guest at the function.Mr. Samir Kumar Biswas, Joint Secretary-DCPC, Government of India, was the Guest of Honour.

Coinciding the Awards Presentation Function, ICC organized a Seminar on "Recognizing Excellence of Performance in Various Facets of Chemical Industry” on 27 September 2019at Taj Mahal Hotel, Crystal Room, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai – 400 001. This was the 10th Annual Lecture in the series. During the Seminar, representatives of the Award Winning companies shared their experiences which was of great learning experience for the delegates who attended the Seminar. Mr. Samir Kumar Biswas, Joint Secretary, DCPC, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India was theGuest of Honour and Professor G. D. Yadav, Vice Chancellor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbaidelivered the keynote Address.

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