Purchase of Diversified Items by Brazilian Company
Posted On : 13th August 2010

A Brazilian company is in need of various products including chemicals to be imported from India. Senior executive from the Company is likely to visit India for this purpose on first week of September 2010. Enclosed herewith please find a list of such items in which the Company is interested.

Business Aluminium
1. AlTi 5/1 - Grainrefiner
2. Aluminium Fluoride
3. Aluminium Oxide
4. Aluminium Titanium (Metal)
5. Anodic Paste
6. Calcined Petroleum Cake
7. Cathodic Paste
8. Caustic Soda
9. Iron Silicon Aluminium Ingots
10. Liquid Flocculant
11. Magnesium Metal
12. Master Alloys (Cr) Cr75 tablets
13. Master Alloys (Fe) Fe 90/10 Al
14. Master Alloys (Mn) Manganese 75%
15. Methyl ethyl ketone (Chemicals)
16. Pitch
17. Polyester Film
18. Polyethylene Film
19. Polyethylene PEHD
20. Round Steel Bar (SAE 1020 Steel)
21. SAE 1008 Tube
22. Silicon Metal
23. Silicon Metal High Purity
24. Sodalite Inhibitor Reagent
25. Steel wire 2, 118MM
26. Steel wire 4, 4,770MM
27. Steel Wire Cordage
28. Vinyl Resin 86, 5% PVC
Business: Nickel
29. Activated Carbon
30. Carboxy-methyl Cellulose
31. Fabric Filter
32. Green Delayed Petroleum Coke (non-calcined)
33. Green Delayed Petroleum Coke (non-calcined/low sulfur)
34. Mercaptobenzothiazole (Chemicals)
35. Monobasic Ammonium Phosphate
36. Sodium Hydroxide
Business Zinc
37. Amine (Chemical)
38. Ammonium Suphate
39. Flocculant
40. Lead 55 kg ingot
41. Manganese Oxide
Business: Nicket & Zinc
42. Amyl Xanthate
43. Forged Grinding Balls 60MM
44. Potassium Permanganate
45. Soda Ash
46. Sodium Sulfide

Kindly let us know whether you are interested in any of the products and your willingness to attend the same.

Your early reply in the matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Director General

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